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Restricted Authorization for Import Consultants in Hyderabad

What Is Restricted Import License?

Import restrictions refer to various tariff and non-tariff barriers imposed by an importing nation to control the volume of goods coming into the country from other countries. Import restrictions are adopted to maintain the exchange rate of the country's currency.

Restrictions For Import:

There are restrictions on imports for various strategic, health, and other reasons. There can be quantitative and qualitative restrictions on imports. If the goods are not banned, the government can give permission/license for specific reasons.

As per Public Notice No. 79/2015-20

New online facility for obtaining import license for restricted items from 18th March 2019. In the line with revised application form ANF – 2M issued vide Public Notice No.79 dated on 15th March 2019. All applicants [individuals, corporate or State/Central entities) are required to use this online facility for filing applications and no application will be accepted in offline mode.

Online applications must incorporate mandatory requirements under the relevant Rules and laws, as per the notification please find the below:


advance authorization

These issues are approved by the competent authority,

To get the license for the import restricted items or want to know more details about the restricted items from the scheme click here (Clickable link for the contact)

*Following permanent IEC numbers may be used by non — commercial PSUs and categories or importers/exporters mentioned against each category while applying for import/export licenses:


Get more details about the import and export restricted license details

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