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Fixation Norms

Norms Fixation & Headquarters:

Every applicant should be aware that input/ goods which are imported are used for Export/output, according to SION, known as Standard Input Output Norms. When an export product doesn’t fall in place, the exporter can fix norms, and the manufacturer Exporter and merchant exporter can file for an application. DGFT of the final export product should set standards for the quantum of inputs required per unit. This is known as the Fixation of norms under Advance Authorization or norms fixation. DGFT does this from the headquarters in Delhi.

SION applicable for products 

SION applies to many products/ groups like Electronics, Food Products, Plastics, Handicrafts, textiles, leather, sports engineering, food products like fish or other marine products, chemical and allied products, etc. DGFT issues notifications on the website for the addition and Fixation of SION (Standard Input Output Norms).

Category of Norms:

There are two categories: SION (Standard Input Output Norms) and Ad-hoc norms.

SION Norms

The norm which defines the number of inputs required for manufacturing unit of output is SION which provides a list of standard norms for the export purposes. The list is not less; it’s more than 10,000 products under various sectors. The application needs to be submitted to the DGFT head if the manufacturer exporter or merchant Exporter wants to modify the existing SION by changing it into a new one.

Ad– hocNorms

Exporter has to approach the Norms committee if there are no standard norms applicable for particular exporter product at DGFT New Delhi, which will also help fix the norms for export items with the help of initial Fixation of norms or Fixation of norms after getting the advance license. The norms which are fixed under this category are known as Ad-hoc norms, which are fixed.

Documents required for Fixation of norms

Copy of GST Certificate, Copy Valid RCMC, Application form ANF- 4B, Appendix 4K, Application fees receipt, Advance License copy if its taken, DGFT DSC, Production & Consumption data of preceding three financial years, Copy of SSI/IEM/MSME, Detailed technical Notes on the manufacturing process, Appendix – 4E – Chartered Engineer Certificate.

There are some cases where norms had not been notified, or the ad-hoc norms are not being fixed if the applicant wants it for advance Authorization before making an application, along with prescribed documents, application in ANF 4B. Those documents can be submitted or uploaded to DGFT headquarters to the concerned Norms committee for SION or Adhoc Norm fixation.

A valid email address is required, which is active and gives you proper notifications for further communication.

DGFT website provides you with the decision of the norms committee periodically, and you will get updates regarding this on the website only, which is (http://dgft.gov.in). Also, whenever the applicants obtain the authorization, they can update the status of norms fixation all by themselves.

Norms committee should be provided with data by EPC or Exporters for an export product for the Fixation of SION/Adhoc Norms. There should be a receipt of complete data on which SION or Adhoc Norms shall be endeavored by the Norms Committee.

Committee &Respective email addresses relating to norms Fixation:

NC-1, NC-2, NC-3, NC-4, NC-5, NC-6, and NC-7 are the norms committees in DGFT headquarters. Under the following ITC, for the Fixation or amendment of norms of Export products, various chapters are followed for each norm committee. If you want to communicate with the norms committee, email addresses are as follows according to the norm committee: For NC-1,nc1.dgft@nic.in, For NC-2, nc2.dgft@nic.in; for NC-3, it is nc3.dgft@nic.in, for NC-4 its nc4.dgft@nic.in, for NC-5 it is nc5.dgft@nic.in, for NC-6 its nc6.dgft@nic.in, for NC-7 it is nc7.dgft@nic.in.

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