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How to submit the Food Export Promotion Scheme of APEDA?

How to submit the Food Export Promotion Scheme of APEDA

After getting the development of export infrastructure APEDA details and General requirements & Conditions, follow the below steps to submit your documents to claim the scheme, disbursement of the scheme will give below.


1. It is the responsibility of the beneficiary to file final claim documents complete in all respects before the expiry of the original or extended validity, if any, of the In-Principal Approval. For financial assistance in certain subcomponents where IPA is not required, the final claim documents shall be submitted within a period of three months of the completion of the activity.
However, in the case where export documents are required to be submitted along with the application, the same shall be submitted within six months.
2. The applicant is required to submit the following documents as applicable for reimbursement of financial assistance, from APEDA:-
a.CA Certificate in the prescribed format. The CA firm should mention registration no. issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants besides the name, designation, and membership no. of the CA signing the certificate.
b.Bank statement reflecting debit entries of payment released to vendors/ suppliers/ foreign suppliers and such entries must be highlighted.
c.For cash payments exporters/implementing agencies must follow the Government of India’s provisions for such payment. Proper receipts from vendors/ suppliers/ agencies must be submitted. The limit of cash payment as per Income Tax Rules as applicable to be followed. (Rs. 10,000/-, at present).
d.Indemnity bond on Rs 100/- Non-Judicial Stamp Papers as per proforma given in Annexure 6 for capital assets/equipment etc.
e.For capital / movable assets including civil construction etc., must be showing acknowledgment of APEDA’s assistance (APEDA logo in actual color and design along with words “Assisted by APEDA” shall be painted. It may be noted that stickers are not permitted.
f.Installation certificate from Chartered Engineer for capital assets.
g.For imported equipment relevant documents shall be provided by the applicant.
h.Financial assistance for organic products shall be subject to submission of valid Scope Certificate for processing facility issued by an Accredited Certification Body under NPOP.
i.For laboratory equipment assistance, the biodata of the technician shall be submitted.
j.Screenshot of laboratory showing entry of payment in accordance with bank statement on the Laboratory Testing software etc. shall be submitted along with claim documents
k. Audit surveillance format for quality management systems (Annexure 4) should be submitted along with final claim documents
l. For seminars/group activities, a statement related to the specific activity for which sanction is granted duly certified by Chartered Accountant / Utilization Certificate in case of Govt. agency.
m.For seminars/group activities, a detailed report must also be submitted along with photographs.
n.A copy of the feasibility study report wherever applicable shall be submitted.
o.A certificate from the concerned institute regarding completion of the training along with the fee paid for the training cost shall be submitted in APEDA after completion of the training for claiming financial assistance.
p.For a claim under sub-component 5, the applicant shall submit a declaration stating that the sampling and analysis were carried out for exports. A CA certificate for this shall be submitted along with the claim.
3. Upon receipt of the claim, APEDA or the agency authorized by APEDA shall conduct physical verification of the capital assets, wherever applicable before disbursement of assistance.

i. The documents submitted shall be scrutinized in APEDA.
ii. In case of any discrepancy clarification / required documents shall be sought from the applicant.
iii. The final claim documents complete in all respects, shall be processed for approval.
iv. Aadhaar number shall be provided by the beneficiary in all cases i.e. individual, partners, directors which is mandatory.
v. The assistance amount shall be released to the beneficiary, direct in their account as per detail submitted in the application.

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