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REX System

The new certificate of origin for products is called REX, short for Registered Exporter System. The approach above, put forth by the European Union, is for nations that gain access to markets through preferential trade agreements.

System for Registered Exporters

An economic actor offers self-certification’ that serves as their declaration of origin. To achieve this, the economic operator must register on a database maintained by relevant authorities. After then, the economic operator registers as an exporter. Therefore, the REX system will allow businesspeople from benefiting nations to write as exporters. The Generalized System of Benefits (GSPREX)’s the first mechanism to enable the EU to give developing countries available tariff preferences. The same criteria will then be used in other EU trade agreements.

A Registered Exporter System (REX) Certificate serves what purpose?

Exporters can now more easily provide a certificate of origin for their goods thanks to the Registered Exporter system. They can now self-certify rather than coordinate with the appropriate authorities. The time and cost of shipping to the EU market have decreased due to this improvement.

Under this system, exporters can sign up and issue their certificates of origin. These are the key points:

  • Under the REX system, there are two types of competent authorities.
  • Regarding EU GSP policy, the competent authority for administrative cooperation (ADC) is a point of contact with the EU.
  • The verification is handled by the REG, the responsible authority for registration. In response to the exporter’s disclosure, the rules modify the data kept in the REX system.
  • Any exporter’s registration within the REX system may be revoked. This may be done at the exporter’s request or by the authority’s determination. Revocation is typically done if the exporter closes its doors for business or engages in fraudulent behavior.

Features of the REX IT system

The European Commission will make the supporting IT system, known as the Registered Exporter system, public. It will appear as an application that can be accessed through the Internet as a website using a username and password. It is crucial to insist that the GSP recipient countries do not need to create the system themselves. The only technical prerequisite for using the REX system is that a beneficiary country must have at least one device linked to the Internet.

The REX system’s primary features include:

  • Exporters must fill out an application form and submit it to their local, authorized authorities to register as exporters. The appropriate authorities write exporters who present complete documentation.
  • Modification of registration data: After registering, an exporter is responsible for notifying his competent authorities of any changes to the information on file. The appropriate authorities will then modify the REX system for the registered exporter.
  • Revocation of exporters: In certain circumstances, a registered exporter may have their access to the REX system withdrawn. This may occur, for example, if the company goes out of business or a registered exporter engages in fraud. Depending on the reason, either the registered exporter will request the revocation, or the appropriate authorities will take the initiative.

How to register with the Registered Exporter System (REX)?

You should use the REX system to submit your REX applications electronically. You can access the REX system through the EU Trader Portal.

You will require the following before applying for REX:

  • A current Revenue Online Service (ROS) Certificate; please double-check the status of your ROS Certificate.
  • You will need this ROS certificate to use the REX system or grant access to your Representative. Please refer to the Guide to ROS for information on registering for ROS.
  • Be a registered ROS user for Customs and Excise.
  • Own a current EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number.

The Takeaway

The origin certification system that relies on certifications of beginning points issued by governmental entities and on receipt presentations handed out under particular circumstances by financial administrators will be entirely and dynamically replaced by the REX system (Registered Exporter System). The REX framework will use provincial cumulation amongst GSP recipient states. The transition period for the entire world from the current source accreditation system to the REX framework will begin on January 1st,2017, and last until at least the latest.


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