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What is e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC)

What is e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC)

e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC)

A membership certificate issued for 5 years is known as Registration Cum Membership Certificate. It is issued by the commodity board of India or Export Promotional Councils. The RCMC is proof to show that any exporter has registered himself with a council.

Previously, if an exporter wanted to obtain this certificate, an application was to be filed in the form of ANF 2C and declare his business mainstream in his application. He had to file this application with the concerned EPC or Export Promotional Council manually.

There are a total of nine commodities boards as well as 26 Export Promotion Councils in India. Commodities board and Export Promotion Councils are the authorities that issue e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC) in India. The classification or category by which these commodity boards and export promotion councils are done is based on the types of products. If the product business of the exporter does not fall under a particular category, then he has to apply for e-Registration cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC) from FIEO.

Validity of e-RCMC

The validity period of the e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC) is until 5 years which offers various advantages as well as benefits to EXIM businesses. Every exporter is required to provide all the details and export-oriented returns to the concerned authority. The exporter must file a quarterly return if he has an FIEO registration. These returns are to be filed in a standard format of FIEO.
An exporter must submit to the concerned authorities if the exporter’s address changes, name changes, ownership changes, or the constitution changes. He must notify all of these changes to the concerned authorities within one month.

The platform for filling e-RCMC

  • The common platform for filling e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC) is https://dgft.gov.in.
  • As mentioned above, the issuing agencies are the common platform for filling e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC) for all the importers and exporters. It offers a contactless window for e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC) related processes and applications for renewal, amendment, and fresh of e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC).

Filling of e-RCMC

  • Applications for e-Registration Cum Membership Certificate (e-RCMC) can be digitally filled on the online platform. There is a transition period for exporters as well as issuing agencies to a common onboard platform.
  • The authenticity of this digital issue should be verified by logging into the profile of the exporter on the actual website of DGFT. All the details related to e-RCMC are reflected on the profile of the exporter on the DGFT portal.

Important pieces of information for exporters applying for the e-RCMC

Here are the following important notices for Indian exporters that are interested in applying for e-RCMC:

  • The importers and exporters who have already registered for e-RCMC can use the login credentials to avail of all the services.
  • There is no need for separate applications to avail e-RCMC services on the DGFT portal. The digital signature should be the same as that of signatures used in DGFT applications.
  • Aadhaar or the digital signature certificate (DSC) are necessary for digital application filling of e-RCMC.

Terms and conditions breaking penalty for e-RCMC registration

In the event of breaking terms and conditions for registration of e-RCMC, the exporter’s registration can be cancelled and halt the operation. The defaulter exporter is notified about the cancellation of the registration so that they can present their case to the concerned hearing committee.

Benefits of e-RCMC holders

  • The e-RCMC registration helps an exporter claim export benefits.
  • It also helps the exporter to have specific background research on his products.
  • It helps an exporter gain international links.
  • This certificate registration helps attain community benefits throughout different parts of the globe.
  • It gives new opportunities to exporters of international markets.

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